Louisa Hanoune’s state of health is deteriorating

23 January, 2020

Communiqué from the Workers’ Party – Algiers, 21 January 2020

The Workers’ Party of Algeria alerts:

Louisa Hanoune’s state of health is deteriorating

The Workers’ Party (PT) alerts public opinion of the worrying situation of its general secretary, Mrs Louisa Hanoune, who is beginning her ninth month in prison.

For several weeks, with each visit, members of her family and her lawyers have indicated that Louisa Hanoune’s state of health does not stop deteriorating.

The national leadership of the PT, in agreement with its General Secretary, has abstained from talking about it.

But faced with the persistence and the recurrence of the ailments she has experienced for several weeks, the PT expresses its deep concern and holds the public powers responsible for this situation and any unfortunate consequence or evolution of her state of health.

The PT reminds that Louisa Hanoune was condemned by a Military Tribunal in the first instance to 15 years in prison in an expeditious closed-door political trial.

It calls out to the highest authorities of the state concerning the absolute necessity of her immediate and unconditional release.

At this turning point in political life, Louisa Hanoune’s place is at the head of her party and with her people.

The PT renews its call for her release, pure and simple, as well as the abandonment of any and all proceeding against her, because she is the victim of the criminalisation of political action.

The permanent secretariat of the political bureau

Algiers, 21 January 2020

We call on you to multiply the positions taken and the messages to the Algerian embassies, to organise delegations to the embassies and/or consulates and to take all necessary initiatives to make this situation public, calling on all labour and democratic organisations, activists and defenders of human rights.

It is urgent!


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