Last Minute – Louisa Hanoune’s trial is announced for 23 September

20 September, 2019

Louisa Hanoune’s lawyer has been informed that the trial will be held 23 September. The military tribunal has decided to hold a common trial for Saïd Bouteflika, Tartag, Toufik and Louisa Hanoune. This is a political decision to give credit to the idea that Louisa Hanoune is not a political prisoner but being judged in an affair of conspiracy with the Bouteflika clan. This is a manoeuvre aimed at criminalising political action.

The arrest of Karim Tabou, coordinator of the UDS, makes him the second political leader, after Louisa Hanoune, to be incarcerated.

The old hero of the Algerian revolution, Lakhdar Boregâa, has also had his request for provisional release denied.

With the exception of a few cases, the majority of the young people imprisoned for carrying the Amazigh emblem also remain in prison.

The threats against those who oppose the presidential elections fabricated by the regime are multiplying, denouncing the opponents as traitors to the nation and liable to suffer the punishments of the law.

The national committee for the liberation of Louisa Hanoune will meet Saturday, 14 September, to decide the next initiatives in Algeria.


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