Dossier for the freedom of the Catalan charges (updated)

23 April, 2018

Freedom for elected Catalan activists and leaders!

Stop judicial persecution!

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Download the dossier in PDF with the latest signatures and the release of signatures in the prison of Estremera (Madrid)

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Appeal in other languages: Catalan, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese

Dear comrades,

We appeal to all the militants and workers’ leaders throughout Europe who follow with disbelief the events in Spain to invite you to take part in this demand.

We are militant workers from all the peoples of the Spanish state (Madrid, Andalusia, Basque Country, Valencia, Catalonia, etc.). We have personal opinions on the events in Catalonia and even on the right of the Catalan people to decide, but we all defend democratic rights and that is why we demand the immediate freedom of all Catalan activists and representatives and the immediate end of legal persecution against them.

Hundreds of people are being prosecuted. Two councillors (ministers) of the Catalan government are still in prison, three on bail and five refugees in Belgium to avoid prison. Two members of associations defending Catalan independence are imprisoned. Hundreds of mayors are charged. Other lawsuits are coming against Catalan deputies and former deputies, professors…

For us, any attack on the most fundamental democratic rights, any questioning of the right to freely express one’s own opinions and defend them, in any part of the Spanish State, constitutes a threat to the working class of the entire Spanish State and all peoples.

As an unprecedented offensive is developing throughout Europe against all social conquests, at a time when, in Spain, all the rights conquered by the working class after Franco’s death are brutally called into question, we consider it our duty as militant workers responsible for upholding the demand for immediate freedom of imprisoned prisoners and the cessation of judicial persecution. And we fulfil it wherever we come from and, let us repeat, whatever our personal opinion on the basis of the right to self-determination of the peoples of Spain.

In so doing, we are aware of our contribution to overcoming the trap of division and confrontation between peoples, set by a monarchy in deep crisis, with the aim of imposing a new pension reform and another reform of the Labour Code.

Convinced that any attack against the fundamental freedoms is immediately used to destroy the rights and conquests of the working class, it is our responsibility as activists from all over Spain (from Bilbao to Seville, Madrid, Tarragona, etc.).), to gather forces to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of the common and fraternal struggle of all the peoples of the Spanish State for their fundamental social and democratic rights;

Aware of the place that the Spanish working class struggle for its rights and democracy has occupied for decades in the heart of the working class throughout Europe;

Aware of the importance of defending the most fundamental democratic rights at a time when an unprecedented offensive against workers’ rights is developing across the continent;

We decide to address you, militant workers’ activists of all the peoples of Europe, to ask you to join our call, in the form that you think is the best:

Immediate and unconditional freedom of all imprisoned Catalan activists and officials, and cessation of legal proceedings in the name of the application of article 155 of the Constitution!

Madrid, 17 January 2018

First signatories:

  • Luis González Sanz, Trade Unionist of the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO), Seville
  • José Miguel Villa Antoñana, Trade Unionist UGT, Madrid
  • Daniel Arranz, Socialist, Vizcaya
  • Pablo García- Cano, Trade Unionist of the CCOO industry, Madrid
  • Roberto Tornamira, Socialist, Madrid
  • Jesús Béjar, CCOO trade unionist, member of POSI, Getafe
  • César Serrano, trade unionist, member of the CCOO Regional Council of Madrid
  • José A. Pozo, trade unionist UGT, Catalonia
  • Yolanda Adroher Pueyo, trade unionist of the FeSP-UGT (Federation of Public Services UGT), Catalonia
  • Xavier Martínez Martí, trade unionist FeSP-UGT, Catalonia
  • Rafael Aguilera Sánchez, trade unionist RMB UGT (Metropolitan Region of Barcelona) Catalonia
  • Juan José Casado Peña, trade unionist RMBUGT Catalonia
  • Jordi Brémer Cuscó, trade unionist FeSP-UGT (Generalitat sector), Catalonia
  • Xabier Arrizabalo, university professor, Madrid
  • Francisco Figueroa, trade unionist of the CCOO, Seville
  • Ángel Tubau, de Información Obrera, Barcelona
  • Jaume Bosch, trade unionist of the FeSP-UGT (Generalitat sector), Catalonia
  • Juan Miguel Fernández Ruiz, trade unionist of the UGT, Madrid
  • Joan Galera, Coordinationa del Mar (Sea Coordination), Tarragona
  • Jordi Romero, docker, Barcelona
  • Miguel González, trade unionist UGT, Barcelona
  • Óscar Reina, Secretary General of the Andalusian Workers’ Union
  • Luis Ocampo, Castilian Left
  • Francisco J. Cepeda, Trade Unionist of the CCOO, Madrid
  • Benjamín Bastida, Professor Emeritus of the University of Barcelona
  • Teresa Virgili, Professor Emeritus of the University of Barcelona
  • Juanjo Llórente Albert, City Councillor of Aldaia (Valencia)
  • Carol Pino, city councillor of IU (United Left) of Alacuás, Valencia
  • Blas Ortega, UGT unionist, Valencia
  • Enrique Herrero Heras, municipal councillor of Getafe
  • Javier Alcolea, municipal councillor of Getafe
  • José A. Iniesta Martín, Socialist, Barcelona
  • Iñaki Merino, Socialist, Bizkaia
  • José A. Fernández Guerras, Socialist, Madrid
  • Baltasar Santos, Socialist, Tarragona
  • José A. Rodríguez, trade unionist UGT, Catalonia
  • Natacha Sánchez Aceña, trade unionist Auchan, Leganés
  • Manuel Cuso, trade unionist UGT, Madrid
  • Mikel González Sola, trade unionist UPTA (Union of Professionals and Self-Employed Workers)
  • Joseba Izaga, trade unionist of the LAB (Administration of the Basque Country)
  • Joseba Estrade, lawyer, Basque Country
  • Manuel Ruiz Roble, ship’s captain; Vicente Pitarch i Almela, writer
  • Alberto Gordo, trade unionist UGT, mayor of Vila-real
  • José Almela, trade unionist UGT
  • Pablo Magnieto, member of the United Left of Castellón.


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