Greek militants call for a European conference

24 July, 2020

An invitation from NAR militants in Greece, within the framework of the European Correspondence Committee, to a European conference

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We are issuing this invitation to a meeting for a programmatic discussion of initiatives for joint action, at the international level, between communist, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist forces.

  • We are living in a period of great contradictions and exacerbation of the offensive by capital, by imperialism and by governments at a world level. The exploitation of the world of labour is intensifying. War, bourgeois totalitarianism and “states of emergency”, racism and neo-fascism are the order of the day. The destruction of the environment by business profit and capitalist over-development, largely responsible for the coronavirus pandemic, shows that capitalism destroys, beyond the worker, nature as well.
  • As regards the recent pandemic, there are very deep factors. The current tendency of totalitarian capitalism appears as a rapid and violent transition towards a modern form of authoritarian capitalism that combines the intense exploitation of labour with liquidation of political freedoms, overtly imposes digital surveillance and intensifies the antagonisms and military conflicts at the international level. This reaction is not a response to the pandemic or the health crisis, but rather to the deep structural crisis of capitalism which erupted in 2008 and which has not only not really been overcome, but of which we have recently seen the signs of a new paroxysm. The pandemic has accelerated this tendency, but it did not create it.

The measures taken by the governments are not “recovery” measures to deal with a “health crisis”, but rather place the burden of the capitalist crisis on the backs of the working class and peoples. It is not health, but profits that they want to reinforce!

  • In our era, there is little room for “popular reforms” in the framework of the system; the meaning of fighting within the “institutions” is cut down. It is not by chance if currents such as those of Sanders, Corbyn, SYRIZA or the European Left go bust and are swept aside. The collapse of the notion of “feasible reform”, also resulting from the failure of experiments of “Left governments” in Greece and elsewhere, also creates a field of challenges for a new revolutionary anti-capitalist perspective.
  • For an anti-capitalist policy today:

The first requirement is a bringing together of activists and forces on the basis of a strategic and universal communist anti-capitalist perspective with, as point of reference, the emancipation of the world of labour from the chains of capital.

This coming together must be sought on the basis of nodal elements of structural breaking with the logic of capital, in the fields of property (e.g. nationalisation under workers’ control in the service of popular needs), of economic exploitation (e.g. increasing wages, reduction of working hours), regeneration (social policies, but also with a clear ecological dimension); blows must be dealt to the international supports of the bourgeois class in every country (e.g. in Greece, exit from the EU and from NATO).

  • For people to live, capital must lose. To stave off “the looming catastrophe”, the system of exploitation must be destroyed. Either capitalism will destroy nature and humanity, leading to a new barbarity, or the working class and the peoples will overthrow capitalism, opening the way for an alternative, socialist and communist, perspective.
  • We want to live free. Not under a police state, under arbitrary rule by the state and bosses or under political totalitarianism. No surveillance or control of citizens. Away with all restrictions on political and trade union activity. There can be no question of limiting the demonstrations of the mass movement. Abolition of all the units that repress demonstrations (CRS, Δελτα, Διας[1]) and “anti-terrorist” laws. We all want to live as equals. No discrimination on the basis of skin colour, beliefs, sex or sexual orientation. No to nationalism, racism, religious fanaticism, obscurantism. We want to live together with the refugees and immigrants. Close the concentration camps, open the islands immediately. Free movement within the country and in the countries of destination. Repeal of the racist EU-Turkey accord and the EU’s Dublin accords.
  • We want to live in peace. In 2019, world arms spending exceeded 1.917 trillion, the highest level since 1988, and it is continuing to increase, even in full crisis! Fight against armaments. Money for healthcare and education, not for war!
  • This necessary programme cannot be achieved, no more than it can be the approach of some new version of “Left governments”, of governments of “national salvation” or other solutions, in the framework of the present system. Only the people can save the people. The class-based political reconstruction of the labour and popular movement involves not only the hard fight to defend the life of the world of work, but also the conquest of the objectives of the anti-capitalist programme and the mass organisation of the workers and youth at all levels.

By grass-roots trade unions in all workplaces and their coordination in a single centre of struggle against (pro-) employer and governmental unionism.

NAR for the Communist Liberation, Greece
July 2020
For any contact:

(please sent a copy to the Comité national de résistance et de reconquête – CNRR, in France at:

[1] Units used to repress demonstrations.


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