Appeal for the 9th Open World Conference

We, worker militants, trade unionists, anti-imperialist activists, in agreement with all or part of this declaration, believe that the problems that it raises are at the heart of the preoccupations of the whole workers movement for resistance and action in defense of the working class, its independent organizations and of oppressed nations.

What first lessons can we draw from the struggles being engaged by the working class, the youth and oppressed peoples in this new period?

What lessons to draw from the methods employed in each of our countries to overcome the obstacles encountered and to take the first serious steps toward the gathering together of the mass of the working class on its own terms?

How to help each other in this battle?

In order to debate and find solutions on these joint bases, we take the responsibility of inviting you to participate in this Open World Conference initiated by the International Liaison Committee (ILC)



Newsletter of the ICLE – January 2020

29 January, 2020

As you have already received, the International Committee of Liaison and Exchanges received the call launched by several American organisations inviting to organise a global day of protest, Saturday 25 January, “No War on Iran!” The ICLE, which, in its final declaration, declared itself “for organising an international day against wars and repression”, naturally relays […]

Louisa Hanoune’s state of health is deteriorating

23 January, 2020

Communiqué from the Workers’ Party – Algiers, 21 January 2020 The Workers’ Party of Algeria alerts: Louisa Hanoune’s state of health is deteriorating The Workers’ Party (PT) alerts public opinion of the worrying situation of its general secretary, Mrs Louisa Hanoune, who is beginning her ninth month in prison. For several weeks, with each visit, […]

Algeria – ILC reports – October 14, 2019

18 October, 2019

(Download an urgent note published by the ILC) The interim government of Algeria, supposedly in charge of expediting current affairs, wants to implement extremely important counter-reforms. A 2020 austerity budget which removes the 51/49 rule (limiting foreign capital holdings in an enterprise to 49 percent, with 51 percent Algerian), and a bill on hydrocarbons. In […]

International campaign for the liberation of Louisa Hanoune

17 October, 2019

Against his sentence of 15 years of firm prison by the Blida court. Download the note nº 15 of the ILC of October 4, 2019. It contains articles appeared in the Algerian press and the new international pronouncements to support the campaign.

Louisa Hanoune sentenced to 15 years in prison

28 September, 2019

The Blida military court decided to sentence Louisa Hanoune to 15 years in prison after an expeditious trial, because the political decision was in fact already taken. The lawyers denounced a political trial and appealed. Paris on September 25, 2019

Last Minute – Louisa Hanoune’s trial is announced for 23 September

20 September, 2019

Download the informative note nº 13, published by the ILC on September 13, 2019 Louisa Hanoune’s lawyer has been informed that the trial will be held 23 September. The military tribunal has decided to hold a common trial for Saïd Bouteflika, Tartag, Toufik and Louisa Hanoune. This is a political decision to give credit to […]

Campaign for the liberation of Louisa Hanoune – 15 July

21 July, 2019

Download the informative note nº 10, published by the ILC on July 16, 2019 For the third time, 15 July, the military tribunal rejected the request for the release of Louisa Hanoune. Communiqué The Permanent Secretariat of the Political Bureau of the Workers’ Party informs public opinion that Louisa Hanoune is kept in provisional detention. […]

Campaign for the liberation of Louisa Hanoune – June 21

22 June, 2019

Here are the first elements that have made their way to us, for the moment, on the mobilisations for the international day of 20 June for the liberation of Louisa Hanoune. In the next note, we will continue to report on this day. Download the informative note nº 8, published by the ILC on June […]

Latest information – Campaign for the liberation of Louisa Hanoune

22 June, 2019

We have just learned, this 19 June, that the military tribunal of Blida (Algeria) has decided to keep Louisa Hanoune in prison. As her lawyers explained, not only is the prosecution’s file empty, but, in addition, they explained that she has presented all the guarantees to be released and that she would stay at the […]